there is a lonely little house on a hill. won't you come see what's inside?

this interaction au will contain the following:
• supernatural horror
• potential major character death +
• gore
• strong language

+ as this is an interactive au, if you do not choose carefully they will die

there is a house on the hill that has laid abandoned for years. the owners long dead and the building long forgotten.

nature has taken back what was once taken from it. trees stretching up high on either side of the decrepit home, vines crawling up the walls like mother nature herself was trying to pull it back into the earth.

jeongguk has craved to explore the house for as long as he's been aware of it's existence, his need for adventure and excitement frequently overriding his common sense.

he has always been one to scoff at the mention of ghosts and demons, laughing as his friends whispered about the dangers of the home.

‘it’s just a house,’ he’d say, giggling. ‘nothing scary about that’.

it’s wonder he and taehyung have been friends for as long as they have, and the older boy thinks of that often.

jeongguk has always been outgoing, athletic. taehyung has always been introverted, artistic- quiet, in a nutshell.

he’ll readily admit that he is afraid of the house on the hill, as is the rest of the town. he would be happy to never set foot in the cursed place even once in his life.

however, taehyung knows he's always been a little weak to jeongguk's demands, to his sweet puppy eyes.

he begs his best friend, taehyung, to come with him- to 'live a little' during their last summer break before the older boy goes to college in the city.

he’s determined to do something fun before he has to live too many months away from taehyung’s side. he doesn’t spell it out, but while the house doesn’t frighten him- losing all contact with taehyung does.

he’s always been a little too attached. a little too enamored.

in love, maybe, if he was brave enough to admit it to himself.

however, for as much taehyung claims to be staunchly against the excursion it only takes an exaggerated pout and a sniffle for him to cave to jeongguk’s demands.

so weak, he whispers to himself, watching jeongguk jump around in an excited circle, pumping his fists. he’s so, so weak.

they approach the house after the sun has gone down, creeping through the overgrown gardens. even the plants themselves look as if they are trying to escape the house’s clutches, pulling away from the rotting wood.

they approach a door covered in vines. it's hinges rusted through.

“you want the honors?” taehyung asks, gesturing to the rusted knob.

jeongguk cocks his head, pointing to the little box in taehyung’s pocket. “i thought you were going to pick it?” he asks. a surprising skill to know, but one that had proven to be very useful in their escapades over the years.

“you want me to?” taehyung asks and jeongguk nods, his smile illuminated from the dim light of their phones.

“it’s always so cool,” he gushes, and taehyung hopes his blush goes unnoticed as he kneels down in front of the ancient lock.

he can feel jeongguk lean over his shoulder, wide eyes watching as he slides the pick into the lock, feeling for the smooth click that tells him he’s succeeded.

it’s barely thirty seconds before there’s click that seems to echo through the house, and the door swings open.

“i thought you wanted to pick it,” jeongguk shoots back but taehyung only huffs out a laugh.

“go ahead, put those muscles to work,” he says and he watches as jeongguk bounces on his toes.

the athlete steps up to the door and taehyung backs up just as he lifts a boot and slams it into the lock, the wood splintering under his heel.

the crack echos through the house and the door swings open, dust falling from the door frame at the impact.

they step inside, the boards creaking under their feet, and taehyung’s heart immediately begins to race.

the whole house is unsettling. quiet. dark. musty.

“i don’t like this,” he whispers but jeongguk is already striding forward, his phone held out to light the way.

“c’mon, hyung,” he teases, “at least let the door close before you start crying."

almost as if on cue there’s a low groan as the house settles and a slam as the door shuts behind them.

taehyung jumps, heart leaping to his throat as he spins around. he lunges for the knob but his fingers slip over the rusted metal. his shoulder slams into the door, but it doesn’t budge. not even a creak.

it’s locked. again.

“gukkie…” taehyung whispers, and he flinches as the flashlight shines in his eyes. jeongguk’s eyes are wide, clearly stunned. “it won’t open..” he says and jeongguk’s lips part.

then, his phone dies.

jeongguk swears as the light on his phone shuts off, the device powering down in his hands.

they’re both bathed in sudden darkness, not even the moon’s light creeping through the boarded windows.

he doesn’t understand- they had both charged their phones before leaving. taehyung’s paranoia reminding them that it ghosts or not, it wouldn’t be smart to go out at night without working phones.

“it won’t turn on,” he hisses, fingers clumsily pressing over the buttons. “what the fuck, i barely used it!”

he hears a low moan and he looks up to see the faint outline of taehyung pulling his own phone out, the device dark in his hands.

“it’s dead,” he whispers, and jeongguk’s heart drops.

how was this even possible?

there’s a creak and jeongguk jumps as fingers tug at his hoodie. taehyung’s face comes into view in their meager light, face drawn and pale.

“gukkie,” he whimpers, “can we go home now?”

jeongguk doesn’t want to admit it, but the hair on the back of his neck is starting to raise as well. his nerves getting the best of him in the sudden darkness.

his hand grabs at taehyung’s and he links their fingers. guilt creeps up his spine at the tremor in taehyung’s voice, knowing he’s the cause of it.

“yeah,” he says quietly, not even upset at the idea of missing out on exploring. “let’s find something to open the door, okay?”

they don’t take even a single step before there is a sharp scream coming from deeper into the house. taehyung gasps in jeongguk’s ear, his grip on jeongguk’s hand tightening almost painfully.

“oh my god,” taehyung’s voice cracks, “is there someone else here too?”

“maybe?” jeongguk’s thumb rubs over his knuckles, and he feels taehyung’s hands shake in his grasp. “do you want to check it out?” they sounded like they could have been hurt, he thinks.

however, taehyung lets out another little gasp and jeongguk turns to look where he points. “is that a light?” he whispers, and they can both see where a faint light is flashing, spiling around the corner. “guk, please, you know i hate the dark.”

“what if they’re hurt, though?” jeongguk counters and he can immediately feel taehyung tense up. “hey, listen, it’s okay- i’ll go check it out, ‘kay? you stay right here. it’s probably nothing, i’ll be right back, okay?”

he ignores every plead that comes from taehyung’s lips and he follows the noise.

the halls are dark and his fingers brush against the walls as he walks, feeling the air get colder and colder.

but there is nothing. nothing but old furniture and dusty curtains- no person to speak of.

he thinks he hears taehyung’s voice and he goes back the way he came.

“tae?” he calls, tension rising when he hears no response. “hyung? c’mon, where are you?”

but there is nothing.

nothing but a pool of liquid where taehyung once stood, reflecting the moon’s light through the boards on the windows.

“taehyung?” his voice cracks, eyes wide, and he never sees the hands reaching for him.

<game over>

“there shouldn’t be any power,” jeongguk says but taehyung ignores him, tugging the younger boy towards the light. his need to escape the darkness is stronger than any other instinct. “oh.”

they both stare at the flashlight on the ground, it’s flickering light casting dancing shadows on the walls.

“maybe there is someone here?” taehyung’s apprehension comes back even as he moves closer to the light. jeongguk follows quietly and watches as taehyung crouches to pick it up, their hands never separating.

<flashlight: equipped>

“well,” taehyung can see the way jeongguk gives him a hopeful little smile, swinging their hands, “now we can see where we’re going?”

taehyung narrows his eyes, “to get out of here.” he says pointedly and jeongguk nods.

“yeah, of course.”

they both glance around and taehyung grips the flashlight a little tighter.

“we should look for another way out. maybe there’s a back door or something.”

they walk carefully through the halls, eyeing the forgotten paintings on the walls and brushing past the threadbare curtains fluttering in the near nonexistent breeze.

taehyung presses close to jeongguk’s side, grateful for their hands linked between them.

the halls seem to stretch on forever with the snail’s pace they take but jeongguk doesn’t try to rush the older boy.

he doesn’t want to admit it, but his guilt is only building. his regret a taste at the back of his throat, bitter at the reminder that he had been the one to bring them here.

i’ll apologize when we get out, he tells himself, watching how taehyung flinches at every little sound.

they find several rooms as they walk. something that looks like a bathroom, a bedroom, and even a small kitchen tucked away.

jeongguk holds back a squeal as a rat scurries past his foot, clinging to taehyung’s hand as he quickly tugs him back out of the room.

in any other time taehyung would tease him for jumping, but he only grips his hand firmly. strokes over his knuckles as his hand shakes.

it’s not the time for teasing.

taehyung shivers, leaning into jeongguk’s side. “let’s keep looking,” he urges, and jeongguk nods.

so, they continue.

it goes unnoticed how the temperature slowly starts to drop.

how their breath fogs with every exhale.

their fingertips tingle and their skin burns.

it gets colder, and colder, and colder.

taehyung shivers, eyes drooping behind his glasses as he leans into jeongguk’s side.

his fingers feel locked around the flashlight, his joints stiff and his muscles aching.

“gukkie,” he slurs, “does it feel c-cold to you?”

jeongguk pauses, tugging taehyung to a stop, and they face each other. the boy’s eyes widen as he takes in how taehyug shivers violently, his bare arms open to the dropping temperature.

“oh, fuck,” jeongguk’s hand rubs at his arm and taehyung shakes at the stimulation. “why didn’t you bring a jacket?” he asks, even though they both had checked the weather before the had left.

it’s the middle of summer. it doesn’t get this cold.

“w-we passed a bedroom, right?” taehyung asks, tongue heavy in his mouth, and jeongguk’s brow pinches. “maybe there’s a blanket that doesn’t have rat shit.”

“hyung, i highly doubt there’s anything left,” he rolls his eyes and taehyung watches, confused, as he goes to tug off his own jacket. “just take mine, ‘kay?”

“no,” taehyung shakes his head, pouting, “y-you’ll get cold. let’s just look.”

jeongguk can only sigh, hands dropping as he watches taehyung stumble as he turns. his hyung is stubborn and he knows that once he puts his mind to something there’s no talking him out of it.

not that he gets the chance.

the floor cracks beneath them.

snapping wood drowned up by the startled scream as taehyung falls forward.

“hyung!” jeongguk’s heart threatens to leap out of his chest and he lunges forward, hand outstretched.

his fingers just barely brush the cotton of his tee and jeongguk screams as he’s forced to watch as taehyung falls into the darkness.

it is a hole deeper than physically possible, the darkness so thick taehyung’s terrified eyes blink out of existence within seconds.

he falls to his knees as his tears spill over, screams ripping from his throat.

he is helpless against the shadows that creep up behind him, dragging him back.

reuniting them.

<game over>

“o-okay,” taehyung stutters.

he hopes jeongguk can’t see his blush as the heavy jean jacket drapes over his shoulders. he points the flashlight to the floor as he buries his face in the collar.

he can smell jeongguk’s cologne in the denim and he feels his shoulders relax at the familiar scent.

“thank you,” he murmurs and he hears jeongguk’s boot scuff against the wood.

“it’s no problem, hyung,” jeongguk says, “let’s keep going, yeah?”

taehyung nods.

he takes a single step, and the floor cracks under his feet.

a sharp scream leaves his lips as he feels the floor give way beneath him.

jeongguk shouts but taehyung can only hear his blood pounding in his ears as he’s suddenly freefalling.

there’s a thump, and then the sound of something tearing, and taehyung jerks to a stop with a choked gasp.

his vision swims for a moment before he realizes he is not longer falling.

His head cranes around and he gasps when he sees jeongguk’s wide, teary eyes staring down at him. the flashlight sits beside him, flickering above the crater he now dangles in.

jeongguk has a grip on his jacket, he realizes. his shoulders burn from the position, arms yanked back.

“o-oh my god,” jeongguk stutters, “oh my god, take my hand, please.”

he reaches down with his free hand, his terror clear in the yellowed light of the flashlight. his fingers tremble as taehyung struggles to reach up and grab at them.

his breath leaves him in a woosh as he’s yanked up out of the hole, his body crashing against the creaking floors.

jeongguk is on top of him as soon as he is free, his face buries in his neck as his arms lock tight around his waist.

“hyung, i’m sorry. i’m so sorry. i want to go home,” he cries.

taehyung is confused and shocked quiet, but he holds jeongguk back just as tightly. his shaking fingers stroke through jeongguk’s locks, twisting the strands the way he knows the boy likes.

they sit together for a long moment, their hearts pounding in their chests.

he could have died, taehyung thinks near deliriously.

he could have died if jeongguk hadn’t been able to catch him.

“let’s go home, gukkie,” he whispers hoarsely, and jeongguk nods against his shoulder. “maybe…” he thinks over what they’ve seen, mind racing to find a way out. “maybe we can break a window? who cares about property damage, right?”

he tries to joke but it falls flat, their desperation to go home and forget about everything overriding their naturally teasing natures.

“yeah, yeah let’s do that.”

taehyung takes charge as they head back to the front room. they edge around the hole in the floor, the endless depths a mockery of how their stomachs dropped at the sight of it.

he keeps his grip tight on jeongguk’s hand, keeping him close. secure.

the younger boy is still sniffling, his free hand gripping the sleeve of the jacket taehyung still wears.

the jacket that had saved his life.

the window are boarded up, but taehyung thinks with enough force they could pull the boards off. maybe find something to smash them open with.

jeongguk’s more than willing to help yank them off and taehyung grunts as he feels splinters rip at his palms.

with the final board on the floor they both let out sighs of relief when the moonlight floods the room, revealing the city lights in the distance that they’re so familiar with.

“okay,” jeongguk starts, and he look around the room as taehyung sweeps the flashlight across the floors. “something heavy, something sharp, something...hyung?”

taehyung freezes at the sudden trepidation in jeongguk’s voice.

not again, he prays, as he turns to where jeongguk stands. frozen.

“was... was that door always open?”

‘the door’ is one taehyung doesn’t remember being there. an old wooden door that lays wide open.

inviting, in the worst way possible.

something takes taehyung’s heart in a cold grip and he gasps, lunging forward.

“guk, step away from that door-!”

but he’s too late.

a figure made of smoke and shadow surges through the doorway, burning eyes peeking through the darkness.

clawed hands reach out and jeongguk is knocked back. long fingers grab at his ankles and he screams, his terror clear.

taehyung trips over his own feet as he tries to run forward.

he can only watch as jeongguk struggles against the figure, and disappears through the door.

the door slams shut after him and taehyung is left in silence, tears dripping from his chin.

what. what does he do?

the light in his hand shakes as he stares at the door.

there’s a ringing in his ears that echoes jeongguk’s screams.

what does he do?

his eyes drift over to the window they had nearly opened, the musty boards spread across the floors.

does… does he break the window? does he go get help?


he turns back to the door, heart pounding.

or does he go after them? face that creature?

he can’t do this on his own. he can’t face whatever the fuck that was on his own.

he turns to the fireplace, reaching for the heavy iron poker laid out across the brick.

he’s crying as he hefts it towards the window, reeling back, only to stumble as an ear-piercing shriek cuts through the air.

he can’t react fast enough and he screams in pain as he’s knocked to the floor. he rolls over, legs kicking out only to be stunned silent as that creature from before looms above him

gnarled teeth and eyes like death, fingers that dig like claws into his throat as he chokes on his own blood.

“let’s make it a pair, shall we?” he hears, and then he hears nothing.

<game over>

he’s not leaving jeongguk here, he thinks. he’s not leaving his best friend to a monster and he is certainly not letting him die.

his heart stutters at the thought, but he shakes his head violently. his grips tightens around the flashlight he holds like a lifeline and he rushes to the fireplace, his free hand reaching for the iron fireplace poker set on the mantle.

jeongguk isn’t going to die, he repeats to himself, his breathing heavy. he won’t let it happen.

the darkness is suffocating.

he stares down the stairs, flashlight illuminating what it can.

the darkness hangs like a fog the light can’t penetrate and taehyung feels his ever present fear rising, his stomach lurching.

but he presses on. he takes one step, and then the next.

“i’m coming, jeonggukie,” he whispers to himself, and he prays the boy knows.

the stairs creak with every step.

they seem to go on forever and his palms sweat even as the temperature drops further.

he’s reminded again of the jacket wrapped tight around his shoulders.

“i’m coming,” he repeats, eyes stinging.

he doesn’t know how long he’s been walking but his eyes are beginning to play tricks on him.

small hands reach out to brush against his jacket. fingers with too many knuckles and no nails. they are not human, but they are also not real.

are they?

he shivers, pressing himself against the wall.

“don’t touch me,” he rasps, his steps quickening. “please, just give him back. just give him back.”


taehyung startles, flashlight flailing wildly. “jeongguk?” he calls out, eyes wide. “jeongguk?”

“hyung, please…”

he flinches as he feels something brush against his cheek, but his ears strain for that familiar voice.

is it?


relief floods his body and he hurries down the stairs, stumbling when he finally hits solid ground. the landing.

“jeongguk! keep talking!” he begs, arm flailing as he tries to see anything in the darkness.

“hyung!” he hears it coming from his left and taehyung spins on his heel. “hyung, this way!”


His blood runs cold as he comes face to face with that Creature from before.

the being with the eyes like death.


The voice echoes from it’s body- echoed like a cruel joke. his maw opens and it repeats, on loop.

“hyung! hyung! Hyung!”

taehyung gets three steps away before he feels teeth press over his skin, and then he feels nothing.

that’s not jeongguk. he knows jeongguk’s voice like he knows the melody to his favorite song and that is not him.

he clutches the tire iron tightly in his palm and his breath stutters as he finally hits solid ground.

the landing.

he’s finally made it to the basement.

he slowly scans the room he’s in and he can hear that voice echoing, getting closer.

it’s coming, he thinks, and he doesn’t think anymore.

he runs.

he doesn’t care where he’s going, only focused on the sound of his sneakers slapping against concrete.

something follows him. closely. he can feel it’s breath on his neck, it’s fingers on his waist, but he runs.

he runs.

he runs.

he runs.

and then he sees a door.

it’s nondescript. uninviting.

but’s its not the paint that draws him in.

it’s the banging.

the screaming.

it’s jeongguk.

jeongguk is behind that door.

it’s pure adrenaline that forces tae to throw his body against the door, and the weak structure splinters under his weight.

there’s a sharp gasp and taehyung slams against the floor with a groan, the poker and the flashlight falling from his grasp.

“holy shit- hyung!”

taehyung is quickly rolled onto his side and he blinks up at the face hovering above his own, splotchy with tears and a runny nose.


“yeah,” he chokes out, yanking taehyung into his arms. “yeah, it’s me. thank fuck it’s you, too.”

But there’s no time to hug, to make sure the other is alright.

jeongguk’s anxious eyes flit back over to the door and taehyung finds himself yanked to his feet as he swears again. the younger boy stumbles towards the wall, tugging him by the jacket.

it’s only with the slowly dying light of the flashlight on the floor that taehyung can see what has gotten him so worked up.

there the creature stands, filling the doorway. staring.

“oh my god,” he cries out, now helpless with his only weapon out of his hand. he and jeongguk stand huddled together, hands scrabbling to keep ahold of eachother. “Please, fuck- just let us leave!”

the creature only smiles. it’s teeth are like rusted daggers. rows upon rows of them.


“that’s not possible,” it rumbles, and jeongguk whimpers at the sound of it’s voice. “accept. your. fate.” it continues.

it repeats it again, stepping closer. louder.

“accept. your. fate.”

taehyung’s eyes dart around, panicking.

it moves closer, his maw widening.

accept. your. fate.” it belows.

jeongguk is the one who acts first.

“fuck your fate!” he yells, and taehyung turns to see him lunge towards the poker.

it clicks just as he grabs it, fingers wrapping tight around the iron.


he gasps again, but not one of fear.

“jeongguk!” he yells, startling the boy, “stab it!” he waves a hand at the monster, manic.

jeongguk trusts him too much to doubt him and he immediately thrusts the poker at the creature-

but the creature is faster.

jeongguk screams as he’s slammed back into the wall, the plaster cracking around his body. there’s a sickening crack and taehyung’s hands fly to his mouth, horrified.

the poker flies out of his hand.

the creature leans over his body and taehyung screams as it reaches for jeongguk.

“accept your fate,” it whispers, and jeongguk twitches as it’s claws drag over his chest, tearing his shirt to ribbons.

taehyung moves without thinking.

he sees blood drip from jeongguk’s body and all he can see is the poker in his hands.

the iron cool in his palms.

the near demonic screams in his ears as he pushes the poker through it’s body.

it does not bleed, but taehyung watches as it burns. listens as it screams.

flames like obsidian rise and rise and rise but he feels no heat as the monster shrivels up.

he watches as it disappears, hissing and swiping at nothing.

he watches until it there is nothing but him, and jeongguk prone on the ground.

he drops to his knees beside jeongguk and his tears fall as he cradels jeongguk’s pale face between his palms.

“jeongguk?” he whispers, eyes frantic as he looks for any sign of movement. “baby, please-” he leans in, trying to feel even a hint of life from the boy. “open your eyes,” he pleads.

like a miracle, his eyes slowly crack open.

those little galaxies that he is so, so weak for.

“oh thank god,” he whispers, and jeongguk cracks a crimson smile.

“did you kill it?” he asks and taehyung nods, thumbing over his dirty cheek. “fuck yeah,” he tries to laugh, but taehyung can feel the relief in his voice.

“let’s get the fuck out of here, please,” taehyung begs and jeongguk nods.

taehyung pulls him up and they slowly move to the doorway.

they both pause in shock when step out.

they’re in that front room again.

the fireplace is only feet away, the poker again set upon the mantle.

the windows are boarded up, and the sun is shining through the cracks.

“what the fuck…” jeongguk says, stunned, and taehyung nods as they slowly walk towards the door.

the door is wide open.

they don’t even stop to ponder that fact, both of them stumbling towards their freedom.

taehyung nearly expects to be trapped again but he lets out a shout of joy as his face meets the sunlight, their clothes brushed by the slow breeze.

“keep going,” jeongguk urges, and they both hurry until they’re passing the wrought iron gates, their shoes scuffing against gravel as they near sprint away. “oh thank god!”

the moment they hit a modern street they both collapse, falling on top of each other.

taehyung doesn’t care that jeongguk’s blood is soaking into his shirt, he only cares that the boy is alive. that both of them are alive.

“never,” he starts, arms winding tight around jeongguk’s waist, “never ask me to do this again.”

jeongguk barks out a laugh, but it’s a bit sad. his arms wrap right around taehyung’s shoulders, holding him close. “i’m never do this again,” he counters, and taehyung lets out a choked little giggle.

he pushes himself onto his hands, gravel digging into his palms. jeongguk stares up at him, face pale but his cheeks pink from the breeze.

“next time just ask me on a date or something, okay?” he asks, more serious than he intends to be.

jeongguk’s eyes go wide, lips parting in shock.

“Yeah..okay,” he agrees, and taehyung can’t help but kiss him.

a quick press of their lips, chapped and cold but perfect.

“no more demons, or haunted houses or, or anything creepy,- okay?” he adds, pulling back so their lips brush as he speaks.

“yeah,” jeongguk promises, “no more haunted houses. or demons.”